Building our Business

Having grown up in the construction industry, Kingdom Builders brings a very unique and hands on building experience to our buyers. If having an onsite, boots on the ground builder is something that's important to you and your family, Kingdom Builders is the builder for you. The quality of the home you build is a direct reflection of the quality of the builder you choose to oversee its construction. Over the last seven years, Kingdom Builders has evolved into one of Corpus Christi's most innovative and high performance home builders. Kingdom Builders specializes in building solutions for better homes and better living. Don't just make a purchase. Make an investment! Kingdom Builders participates in programs like Environments for living, Energy Star and the Coastal Bend Green Built. These programs require third party inspections that are performed during and after construction. The techniques and requirements of these programs go far beyond the industry "norm" and can reduce a home's energy bill by up to 45 percent!

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Don't be mean. Go Green!

Our Green Built homes are constructed using left over pizza boxes and recycled aluminum cans that reduce a home's appetite and thirst by 50%. Not really. The truth is only you can decide why going green is important. Is it because you are looking for a builder that chooses to use natural and sustainable products that reduce our footprint on the environment? Is it because you're looking for a builder that has dedicated his life to mastering his craft? Is it because you're looking to use products and construction methods that put money back in your pocket every single day? Kingdom Builders platinum performance homes provide all of the above! Whether you're looking to save the earth or save some money, Kingdom Builders has the skills to reduce your bill.

The Builders Association of Corpus Christi

The first question a buyer needs to ask a builder is if he's an active member of the Builders Association. The reason why this is so important for a home buyer is because the BACC is the only source for education and training for local home builders. The BACC exists to protect the construction industry and home owners through seminars and product shows that showcase the newest methods of construction and building science. The BACC stays ahead of changing codes and requirements such as wind storm, energy efficiency and green building technology, Educated builders, educating buyers. That's what it means to be a BACC builder. Kingdom Builders is not only an active BACC member, we have also served as president.

Building a team to build a dream!

Kingdom Builders has spent the last several years assembling a team of knowledgeable and skillful trades and craftsman that take pride in their work and honor their commitments. From our A/C specialists to our insulation experts, Kingdom Builders knows what it takes to turn your family's biggest purchase into its greatest investment! Ask your builder about the team he uses to put his homes together and why he selected them.