What sets you apart from your competition?
It has been our experience that buyers say “no” to what they don’t “know”. Kingdom Builders specializes in educating buyers as to what products and practices are available to meet your family's specific wants and needs. Interested in learning how to build a home that is 35% more energy efficient than other new homes and comes with a guaranteed air conditioning bill for three years? Kingdom Builders can show you how! Interested in working with a builder that uses products that last longer than our competitors and save you money? We’ve got that too! Attention to detail, high performance products, knowledge and expertise, green building and energy star tested, Kingdom Builders focuses on exceeding our buyers expectations on every level!

How much do you charge per square foot?
Before we talk about how much money you're going to give your builder we believe its more important to talk about what your builder is going to give you in return. ”Standard” or “Base” pricing is not the same from builder to builder, take time to interview builders and put together a detailed list of questions concerning details that are important to you and your family. People can sometimes be quick to talk about all the things that they've done and accomplished but the most important question to ask is what can they do for you? How can Kingdom Builders help you reach your goals?

How does the financing work?
Simply put, Whoever owns the lot is responsible for the construction loan. For more information about financing, feel free to contact our preferred lenders.

1.Mortgage Associates
Aide Saenz- 361-688-8956

2. American Bank
Beverly Bacak - 361-991-1300

3. 1st Community Bank
Nick Black- 361-850-6800 

4. Envoy Mortgage
Claudia Reyes - 361-774-0002

Who do you recommend for Floor plans?
If you are looking for a designer, Kingdom Builders works with the best designers in the coastal bend! Below you will find a list of our preferred designers.

1. Ricks Plan Shoppe

2. Designs by Romel

What type of warranty do your homes come with?
A warranty is only as good as the person standing behind it. What happens if your builder files bankruptcy? What happens if your builder refuses to honor his warranty? Kingdom Builders provides a third party warranty that covers your homes 2 year mechanical, 10 year structural and 1 year craftsmanship warranty. Sleep easy knowing that your homes warranty is guaranteed through an actual home warranty corporation. Click below to review our home warranty details.

Whats the time frame for construction?
We have a minimum 4 1/2 month construction time line that is based on a 1300-2000 sq ft. home. Every 1000 square ft. over that amount would add an additional month to the timeline. These time frames are estimated from concrete to keys, meaning that the clock starts ticking the day after concrete is poured. Delays such as rain and selection delays are typical and to be expected.

What type of allowances can we expect?
90% of the homes we have built have been custom homes. Every contract we put together has a detailed list of allowances that include not only the price we allow for given fixtures but also the order of selections and preferred vendors. Sleep easy knowing that every detail of your new home will be noted in your contract in order to avoid problems down the road of construction.

Handling selections and overages, Where should I put a little extra money?
In your pocket. Investing in high performance products and a high performance builder puts money back in your pocket every day! The products are just one area to save but if those products are incorrectly installed they serve no purpose! This is why having a knowledgeable, on site builder is so important! It is also the reason that programs like Energy Star and Environments for living were created. Having these companies not only inspect but also grade these products on performance, ensures that your getting the most out of your investment! Don’t just settle for a home thats built to code! Invest in a home thats built to save!

What is a H.E.R.S. score?
A H.E.R.S. score stands for, Home energy rating system. This can be compared to a “miles per gallon” on a car. Your homes energy efficiency is measurable! Through programs like Energy Star and EFL, a home is tested on a variety of levels that ultimately deliver a home certification and score. A certified home with a H.E.R.S. score of 75 means that home would be 25% more energy efficient than the non certified new home thats right next door and 55% more energy efficient than an existing home built 8 years ago! Kingdom Builders targets a H.E.R.S. score between 65-70.

What is Energy star certified home?
ENERGY STAR certified new homes are designed and built to standards well above most other homes on the market today, delivering energy efficiency savings of up to 30 percent when compared to typical new homes. A new home that has earned the ENERGY STAR label has undergone a process of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), delivering better quality, better comfort, and better durability. Click below for more information.

What is Environments for Living certified home?
The Environments For Living program provides a rigorous set of requirements for home builders who've made a commitment to go the extra mile. It's a program that treats a home as a "system of systems" that work together, with limited guarantees on comfort and heating/cooling energy use. Click below for more information.

What is Coastal Bend Green Built certified home?
A New CBGB certified Home will significantly reduce a home’s energy bills, utility bills and water usage. CBGB homes also decrease the size of the home’s carbon footprint. This helps to promote a cleaner Environment, as well as a more sustainable way of living in the Coastal Bend. Click below for more information.